Are you being bullied?

Or maybe you know someone who is. Ever think to yourself:

"I wish there was something I could do." Well there is. First let me tell you BULLYING is NOT OK, EVER! But when you are in that situation it can be hard to think clearly when you are feeling a bunch of different emotions. You may be feeling confused, angry, sad, worthless, afraid, uncertain, and alone. We are here to help and let you know that you are NOT ALONE. These feelings are very NORMAL. It would be strange if you did not feel some or all of these things. Remember: the bully is the one with the problem, NOT YOU!! We know it can be hard to tell someone but it is important that you do and have provided websites with resources to help you when you or someone you care about are in this situation. This is a chance for you to Stand Up Against Bullying! You can change the outcome, for you and others.



Kids Against Bullying


Covers topics identifying bullying, what is it? How do you know if you are being bullied or recognize if you are bullying someone and things you can do to help.

Stand UP against bullying, arm yourself with knowledge to make good decisions.

Stop Bullying for Kids


More tips on recognizing bullying and things you can do to help yourself or someone you care about in this situation.

Stop School Bullying


A website dedicated to providing the latest in links and websites to address issues around bullying. Topics and links to Bullying Online, No Bully, and more. These websites are rated by kids by Class Favorite, Highly Recommended, Recommended and Noteworthy. See what your peers are recommending. Also resources for Parents and Teachers with a wide range of topic discussions.

 Violence Prevention Works


Information on Topics such as :

Bullying: Recognize bullying, warning signs, what impact does bullying have on you, your school, etc and links to additional resources to help deal with bullying.

Dating Violence: What is it? How to deal with it if it happens to you. 

Suicide: Risk factors, prevention line

There are links on this page for Parents, Teens, Schools, Teachers.

Crisis Text Line


Text CTL or Listen to 741-741

Provides free emotional support for any kind of crisis, including feeling suicidal. You can text with a specialist 24 hours a day. 

It doesn't HURT to reach out for help it will actually HELP. Be proactive, not a victim.



Information for teen’s struggling with mental health issues including suicide. All material is written by teens, facts suicide issues, fact sheets about depression, suicide and stores about dealing with suicide issues, information on how to get help for yourself of a friend, and eh ReachOut Blog. You can connect with others through a forum for support and information or use the text service to get help from trained volunteers.

Maine Suicide Prevention


How to help for yourself or others. Stories by teens and a quiz  about suicide.

 The JD Foundation                 


Help with suicide prevention: trainings for adults, military and veteran families, teen prevention, etc

Call or check website for a full listing of services: 207-876-2295              





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