My name is Stephen Marois and I am the producer of this very unique and inside look of the Motorcycle Enthusiast. The concept for the show came about in the latter part of the summer of 2008. I have been riding motorcycles for over 40 years and have always enjoyed the sense of freedom I got whenever I went out for the day touring the back roads of our beautiful State of Maine. I love getting lost on purpose and if just for a while forgetting all the stresses in my life. I was a solo rider that enjoyed my time alone doing whatever I felt like doing at the time. About 10 years ago I began producing videos for a Local Access Station in Bath, Maine.

I enjoy capturing peoples lives and sharing my productions with my community. It's an opportunity to meet new and interesting folks from all walks of life and in turn it brings awareness to subjects that they are very interested in, so it's a great trade off. In the winter of 2008 I began thinking about spring and the upcoming riding season. My thoughts seem to center around a man by the name of John "Stoney" Dionne and his LOBSTER RUN that he has been organizing for many years. I was compelled to capture this run "believe or not" for archival purposes. Why? Because I felt strongly that this run and the man behind it represented a part of my life and our society that was important to document. The so called "Biker" is the last real symbol of Freedom in America. No one understands this unless their a rider themselves.

I called Stoney and immediately began making arrangements to film his run. When I began the editing of this project, I was overwhelmed by a feeling that I was on to something really special and began thinking that this is not a one shot deal. I had provided Stoney a copy for him to review and when he called me with his thoughts on it, he was elated and suggested that we get more footage. This is how it all started. Shortly thereafter, I asked him if he would be interested in being a host for a show that I would call RIDIN' STEEL. He accepted and we began riding and filming. In 2009 just prior to our filming for Season 2, Stoney took ill and passed away.

Why is RIDIN' STEEL so important? It's the only show I know of that highlights "the biker" in a positive light. My aim is to educate the general public on just how wrong many of them are about this group of people. Believe me the stereotypes still exist and many are not aware that the majority of todays Motorcycle Enthusiast are hard working contributing members of society that care about people and community.

Riding motorcycles for many is an outlet from the everyday humdrum. For just a little while they want to feel free of all the bull they experience on a daily basis. Those that I highlight on RIDIN' STEEL are Bikers that are RIDIN' FOR A CAUSE. They ride in organized groups every weekend trying to help those that are unable to help themselves at this time in their life. Hundreds of Charities benefit from this goodwill, as do the businesses that work with them. They are a major contribution to the revenue brought into communities struggling in these very challenging economic times. But most importantly they are  people  that do a great deal in instilling or renewing hope to many that are on the receiving end of their kindness.

RIDIN' STEEL airs on WPME on Sunday ]

Mornings at 10:30. Season 8 begins on the 1st

Sunday in February of 2016. 


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