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Posted by RIDIN' STEEL on June 8, 2013 at 9:45 AM

The following post will require an attention span of more than .02 seconds.Sorry folks but I got somethin' to say.

Patricia Brown is a mother of a wounded soldier. She & her son are the reason behind the visit that Director Eric Christianson and his Production Crew will be making to Maine on July 2nd. The Documentary SEARCHING FOR HOME will enlighten us greatly on just what our wounded soldiers are experiencing when harmed physically and psychologically. Although advances in technology has resulted in better protective gear for those in combat, there will be many coming home that have survived from explosions and gunshot wounds, but not without sacrificing their limbs or experiencing PTSD or TBI. PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an anxiety disorder that comes from exposure to a traumatic event that has overwhelmed the person's ability to cope. I have been told stories of just how terrible some of the things our young men and women see or go through over there. Try to envision being in a vehicle delivering supplies and your told to get from point A to Point B and don't slow down, because somebody may try to kill you. This means you have to ram cars, threaten people that are just ordinary citizens, but you don't know that, they could be an insurgent or terrorist. You just can't take any chances. In one case, I was informed that a kid had to be runned over. Now imagine what it must be like to live with that vision in your thoughts? Imagine what it must be like to be in a vehicle with your friends and suddenly an explosion goes off and their all maimed or killed and you survive? I know that what I'm sharing with you here is graphic, but I believe that too many people living in these United States are in denial of reality. I also believe that because of this denial, it makes it that much more difficult for our young soldiers to return home and try to assimilate back into this society. Our young men and women were raised by loving mothers and fathers and they have a conscious, they are not mindless. This is just a scratch on the surface of what they are going through. The physical effects take their toll also. TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury is considered to be the worst and most complicated of all the injuries sustained. It is caused by the blast waves of powerful explosions. 4 types of injuries can occur which are referred as "Blast Insults". Barotrauma is an injury where the brain can swell and decompress instantly causing all kinds of cellular defects. Then there's shrapnell and such that can penetrate the skull and physically harm them, or "Blunt Trauma" to the head and then the the body can respond to to this injury by releasing neurochemicals that have a toxic effect on the brain tissue.
So do you still question the seriousness of the "invisible wounds"? How many of us can get cranky when we get a headache? or perhaps have a constant ache or pain in our body somewhere? Think of how frustrating it must be for our soldiers to come home with the afore' mentioned injuries and because one can't see them, they don't exist? Even the military hospitals like the VA doesn't deal with the problem effectively. Suicide rates are at 23 a day! If Doctors and Professionals don't know how to deal with this shit then how can we expect those injured to. Although RIDIN' STEEL is committed to raising awareness to all the causes that people are passionate about in the Motorcycle Community, it is no secret that our soldiers mean a great deal to me. Every opportunity I have to help bring awareness to the plight of our soldiers is imperative  to those that love and support them.
On July 2nd we will be at the Taste of Maine Restaurant to watch a special Movie Trailer that I guarantee will help you all understand. This Documentary is raw and powerful. I commend those that are brave enough to be interviewed for this documentary, and to speak the truth and share what life is like not only for our soldiers but their families as well.
The thousands of motorcyclist that I have met in the past 5 years share a common ground. We all experience a strong sense of freedom when we ride, and that my friends is what our soldiers are fighting for and what we live for.


Tuesday July 2,2013 - 6 to 11pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             TASTE OF MAINE RESTAURANT in Woolwich, Maine - For the first 350 people  6;00pm TO 8:30pm $10.00 admission includes Italian Buffet - Music by Max Ater while Dining - Presentations and special preview of Movie Trailer SEARCHING FOR HOME

8:30pm to 11pm Dancing with music provided by 80's Cover Band TWYCE SHY. Live Auction with John Ater & Silent Auction - Raffles 

Get your Tickets early folks, if you wish to dine with us. This event will have a Patriotic Theme and will fill up fast!

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